Michael Brothers C.A.B.A.L.A juice

The CABALA juice has been known for centuries for its healing properties.  It’s a powerful and satisfying combination of raw ingredients, which specifically mixes fruits and vegetables to cleanse the body and bring a sense of general well-being. The healing properties of the C.A.B.A.L.A juice can bring health benefits that range from neurological to cardiac and skin.

This ancient juice uses the beetroot as a main ingredient, along with it’s other components: Carrot, Apple (red), Beetroot, Apple (yellow), Lemon and Apple (green). Each one of the ingredients has specific purposes and their different amounts on the composition are carefully balanced in order to extract the greatest benefits from each component.

The beetroot, which is the main ingredient found in the C.A.B.A.L.A, is known for its versatility. Naturopaths recommend beetroots to prevent cancer and boost immunity. Beetroots are a source folate, fibre and potassium. They are rich in phytochemicals that bind cholesterol in the digestive tract, lowering the risks of heart disease. The power of the beetroots on helping the fight against cancer comes from one of the plant’s pigments called betacyanin. Accordingly to recent researches, this substance is toxic for cancerous cells, whilst being safe to all other normal cells.  Beetroots also contain zero cholesterol and its nutrition benefits come particularly from fiber, vitamins, minerals, and unique plant derived anti-oxidants.

The carrots are well known for reducing cholesterol, high sugar levels and their rich supply of antioxidants nutrients, vitamin A and minerals such as potassium, calcium and copper. They are also a good font of vitamin C, which helps the body to fight against diseases and  free-radicals.  Recently, scientific researches on laboratory animals at the University of Newcastle found that  the substance falcarinol found in carrots may help fight against cancers.

The low calorie apples are a font of dietary fibers, preventing the absorption of bad cholesterol and protecting the gut mucous membrane against toxic substances.   Apples also contains a reasonable amount of vitamin C, which is a natural antioxidant. The regular consumption of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C can help the body to reduce inflammation processes and to develop resistance against infectious diseases.

Lemons are also a component of the C.A.B.A.L.A  juice and are known for its bio-active effect on the human health.  Lemons have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immune system modulation effects.  They are also rich in vitamin A and minerals such as iron, copper, potassium and calcium.

The outstanding properties of the C.A.B.A.L.A juice can be part of your daily diet.

If you would like to try the C.A.B.A.L.A juice as part of your everyday meal, try our fresh Michael Brothers C.A.B.A.L.A  or get a free sample at the grounds.

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