The green juices are known  to increase energy levels, reduce weight, improve the appearance of the skin complexion , strengthen hair and nails, reduce allergies, restore liver functions, cleanse the colon, balance sleep patterns, reduce toxins, balance sugar levels, and also reduce the cravings for sugar.

Cold pressed juice is often used in juice cleanses, which is basically a short term (usually up to one week long) diet to purify our internal systems. Signs a juice cleanse could benefit you include feeling sluggish or bloated mentally or physically. Juice cleanses effectively give your digestive system a short break from processing the fibre and other contents in food, and so the nutrients in the cold pressed juice is absorbed a lot quicker. This can give you a much needed boost and help you feel more energetic. Detoxing with juice is quite safe, however it is a good idea to check in with your doctor before commencing a cleanse or detox diet.

Our Living Green juice it is a balanced combination of raw kale, spirulin, lime and apples. Therefore, its a pleasant and nutritious way of consuming minerals, vitamins, fibres, protein, Omega- 3 and chlorophyll. Those ingredients combined form a compound that will boost immunity, improve energy levels, aid weight loss and provide an extra layer of protection to the body cells.

For overall health and wellbeing, try Michael Brothers Living Green juice or get a free sample at the grounds.

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