Non-alcoholic Fruit Punch


Impress your guests with this low calorie, non-alcoholic, refreshing punch. It’s easy and quick to make and full of the goodness of vitamin C.

Raw juice punch really is something else; you may add alcohol if you wish but we prefer the taste of the fresh fruit and juice combinations. To take this one step further and ensure the punch doesn’t get all diluted and watery as the night goes on, you could freeze our raw juice into ice cubes and use it instead of water.



  1. Mix the apple, orange, lemon and pineapple juices on a big bowl. Crush the mint leaves and add them to your
  2. mixture. Add ice cube as desired.
  3. For a more attractive presentation for serving your punch, scoop half pineapple and pour your mix into it.
  4. Enjoy your party!