The juice process, from the farmer to you

The juice process, from the farmer to you

How do we make our cold-pressed juices in the Swan Valley? In simple, five key steps:

1. Call up the farmer and order local fruits.

Most of the time the fruits we get are perfect for juicing, but would otherwise go to  waste since they don’t fit the prettiness criteria from the big supermarkets.

2. The fruits and vegetables, that have been picked the same week, are delivered straight from the orchard early in the morning in a refrigerated truck. This is critical because:

  • Low food miles is better for the environment.

  • Fruits/vegetables picked, stored and transported cold retain more nutrition.

  • The healthiest fruits/vegetables are seasonal and are grown in a local, temperate region - West is Best!

3. The Fruit/vegetables are stored in our cool room at between 2 - 4 degrees.

4. Fruit and vegetables are cold pressed in our cold pressing machines. This is paramount to extracting maximum nutrients and minimising oxidation, resulting in the freshest cold pressed juice. This juice is then blended and bottled in a temperature controlled room where no preservatives or pasteurisation are used in the process.

5. The finished product is then delivered in a refrigerated truck direct to the customer.

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